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Hi there! I’m Reina. Welcome to my blog, Get Cat Care Tips, where I share—you guessed it!—tips and information on how you can take better care of your feline baby.

My Story

I’ve always wanted to have a cat but was intimidated by the thought of owning one. Aside from the fact that I’ve never had a pet, I was so busy with work that I didn’t think I’d have time to take care of one—well, until I became the new fur parent of my brother’s cat.

My brother left his cat—then one-year-old Lucky—with me when he came to the United States while I remained in the Philippines. I was more than happy to be Lucky’s new caretaker, as it was like a wish come true, plus I was asking my brother to bring Lucky over to my house every week that he might as well have been living with me anyway.

Of course, I brought him with me when I came to the United States in 2018.

Meet Lucky

Meet Lucky! He’s a male Persian kitty, born in July 2014. He’s the sweetest and gentlest cat. He’s never bitten me and has scratched me a few times only because I tend to be “clingy” LOL 😊.

Having him has really changed my life. I’ve found that I’ve become more empathic and compassionate as a person because of him, and that I’ve learned to have a more balanced life since I’ve had him. My life used to be all about work and pursuing goals, but taking care of Lucky “forced” me to slow down and have more time to appreciate life and take care of myself, too.

Lucky 1 year
Lucky at 1 year
Lucky 2 years
Lucky at 2 years
Lucky 3 years
Lucky at 3 years
Lucky 4 years
Lucky at 4 years
Lucky 7 years 1
Lucky at 7 years
Lucky 9 years 3
Lucky at 9 years

Why I Started This Blog

Taking care of a cat—or any pet for that matter—for the first time was a bit daunting for me, as I didn’t know the first thing about it. I needed a crash course on cat care, but I didn’t even know where to begin.

I’ve decided from the start that I would take cat ownership seriously. I wasn’t going to simply provide for my cat’s basic needs. I was determined to give him the best care possible.

Needless to say, I’ve been researching cat care and consuming as much information as I can about cats since I met Lucky, and I can give myself a pat on the back for being able to keep him safe, healthy, and happy.

Aside from regularly taking Lucky to vet checkups, I relied a lot on my own research, including the information shared by other cat parents, to ensure that Lucky got the best care possible.

I’ve realized that veterinarians can’t possibly tell you everything you need to know about cat care and cat behavior during a vet visit, so it’s important for cat parents to also educate themselves about it.

It’s for this reason that I started this blog. I wanted to have a venue where I could share what I learned about cat care so I could hopefully help other cat parents, especially those who are just starting out. We all wish our fur babies could live forever, but they have only nine lives after all, so the next best thing is to care for them well so that they get to live long happy lives.

I do hope you join me in this wonderful journey of cat parenthood, as I would love to learn from you too!

My Professional Background

I have over 20 years of experience in content writing, technical writing, and academic writing. I am an entrepreneur and run Sharp Minds Content, LLC, a content services agency. I also have a background in IT.

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