What foods are deadly to cats? Cat eyeing their owner's food

What Foods Are Deadly to Cats? 43 Human Foods You Must Not Feed Your Cat

Although we find it funny and cute when we see videos of cat owners sharing their food with their kitties, the truth is that many of the foods we eat are dangerous to them, and from this perspective, these videos aren’t really funny. I think it shows some irresponsibility on the part of the owners—putting…

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What foods can cats eat that humans eat? Cat eating at the dining table: What foods can cats eat that humans eat?

What Foods Can Cats Eat That Humans Eat? | Everything You Need to Know to Safely Feed Your Cat

No matter how much you love your cat, you can’t always have everything they need available. Emergencies happen when you suddenly realize you’ve run out of cat food! And, of course, your kitty, being the king or queen that they are, won’t stop demanding and throwing a fit until their hunger is satiated. So, what…

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What can you feed a cat? Brown and white fluffy cat eating from a stainless steel bowl

What Can You Feed a Cat? A Guide to Cat Diet and Nutrition

What can you feed a cat? Whether you’re a new cat parent or an experienced one, one of your top concerns will be ensuring that you give your fur baby the right type of food. As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, food is the source of many cat diseases, so it’s…

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Healthy orange and white cat contentedly lounging on the couch (looking to the right) in front of its owner

38 Practical Cat Care Tips to Help Your Cat Stay Healthy and Live Longer

We all love our fur babies, and it’s unfortunate that they live such short lives. I dread the day I’ll lose my kitty, a 9-year-old Persian named Lucky, so I try to do my best to keep him as healthy and happy as possible. I make sure to implement the best cat care practices as…

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