Can cats and dogs communicate with each other? A golden retriever and tortie kitten bonding on the bed

Can Cats and Dogs Communicate With Each Other?

Have you ever wondered if your furry companions are chatting away in their own language when they exchange glances or engage in playful antics? Are they able to communicate with each other?

Let’s find out!

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Can cats and bunnies get along: An orange bunny and orange kitten together

Can a Cat and a Bunny Get Along? How to Help Them Do So

It seems almost incredible when you see animals from completely different species getting along. It’s even more amazing when those animals belong to different sides of the predator-prey spectrum. Undeniably, one of the odder pet combos is that of a cat and a bunny. While it’s true that both can be a ball of fluffy…

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Can cats and dogs have babies? A dog, cat, and kitten lounging on a small picnic blanket

Can Cats and Dogs Have Babies? De-Bunking The Curious Myth of Cat-Dogs

Millennials and Zoomers should be vaguely familiar with the infamous Nickelodeon animated series, CatDog – a show that features the adventures of conjoined hybrid twins aptly named Cat and Dog.

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Can my cat and dog get along? White kitten kissing a white puppy

Can My Cat and Dog Get Along? 5 Ways to Help Them Do So

The phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” is probably one of the oldest idioms in the world, which often describes angry disagreements or bitter battles between two extremely differing groups or persons.
Interestingly, though, science says that these bitter, sworn enemies can also be the best of friends in the right environment.

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Plants poisonous to a cat: Female hand keeping cat away from plants poisonous to cat

80 Plants Poisonous to a Cat [With Pictures] and How To Keep Your Kitty Safe

Plants are always a great addition to any home. They make any space beautiful; they keep the air fresh and clean; and they just bring a lot of good energy. But if you’re someone who loves both plants and cats, your main frustration would most likely be how to keep them safe from each other—your…

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A female first-time cat owner's hand scratching the chin of an orange and black tabby cat

Ultimate First-Time Cat Owner Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Raising a Cat

Have you just made that big leap into cat parenthood? Being a first-time cat owner is an exciting time, yet also a bit daunting if you don’t know the first thing about caring for a cat.  I have a beautiful nine-year old male Persian kitty, named Lucky. Although I had long been wanting a cat…

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